Before jumping into the growth hack tactics, to grow your social media you should sit and really think about your content. Even if you assume you have the perfect content pieces guess what…you don’t. Do you analyze which content had the best performance? In most cases, the answer is no,
Facebook Ad visuals: Cycle of pain or creativity? It really depends on what type of person you are. If you enjoy being creative and expressing yourself, then developing the visuals will be your most favorite thing ever. But if you are not naturally a person who wants to spend hours
Facebook is one of the greatest paid online advertising platforms in the new digital marketing world. Facebook gave the marketers a whole new set of tools and insights and a place where they can achieve great results. Even though the newly updated ad platform is great, there are a lot
The fuss around the growth hacking concept these days is unbelievable. Every entrepreneur and startup is in a hurry and in need of immediate results in terms of social media growth. Growth hacking is not only about growth. It’s a much broader concept that involves research, strategy, testing, implementation, and
‘’As a startup or a small business owner, your main focus must be on qualitative analysis and research. Remember that!’’ What is a marketing persona? A marketing persona is a fictional character you have to develop in order to characterise the key traits of a particular group of your target
If you think that Instagram is just a great platform for photo-sharing you might be surprised by the scale of the influence of this online community. It has over 300 million daily users, with engagement rates far higher than other popular social media sites – up to 10 times higher
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