For many small businesses, particularly in the B2B sector, Instagram might not look like an obvious priority when devising a social media strategy to grow your business. An inherently visual platform, it can be difficult to see why it might be relevant to your business, particularly if your model is
Many businesses understand the importance of social media – with its near ubiquity in the modern world, it’s a borderline-essential avenue for reaching clients, customers, and potential leads – but few understand how to measure their success on it. If you have no idea whether your social media efforts are
Social media is no longer just a procrastination strategy from the impending panic of finishing your essay due in a few hours, or that project deadline you have on Friday. In the past decade, social media has become less of an optional marketing opportunity and more of a priority. In
Despite the buzz it generates, the term “growth hacking” is a bit of a misnomer – rather than matching the images conjured up about seedy techniques and underground methods, it’s more about reading and using the data you’re receiving from your marketing efforts to reinforce them where they’re strong. Growth
These days, few doubt the importance of social media in growing and developing your business. There are very few businesses not active on social media, and those who aren’t, rightfully rouse suspicion from a customer-base increasingly used to easy engagement with businesses possessing a visible social media presence. But where
Customer Value Optimisation (CVO) is a strategy for growth, used by Starbucks, Amazon and McDonald’s as well as many others. The strategy works to increase three things: The number of customers The average transaction value per customer The Number of transactions per customer CVO sees customers as people with problems,
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