3 Ways to improve LinkedIn engagement

Linked In is one of the social media networks, that managed to survive technology changes, market turbulences, and people’s preferences. It is a really specific social network designed for the [...]

6 Skills Your Social Media Manager Must Possess!

What is the difference between internet marketing and traditional marketing? There are a lot of differences of course, like the goal of the strategy, the promotional channels used etc. Over time, [...]

How will Facebook help you get the best creative for your ad with Creative Hub?

Facebook Ad visuals: Cycle of pain or creativity? It really depends on what type of person you are. If you enjoy being creative and expressing yourself, then developing the visuals will be your [...]

5 Tips for Understanding Social Media ROI

Many businesses understand the importance of social media – with its near ubiquity in the modern world, it’s a borderline-essential avenue for reaching clients, customers, and potential leads – [...]

The cost of DIY social media

These days, few doubt the importance of social media in growing and developing your business. There are very few businesses not active on social media, and those who aren’t, rightfully rouse [...]

Is your business active on social media? If not, what rewards are you missing out on?

If your business is not active on social media what are you missing out on? New clients? New Customers? Are competitors engaging with your customers before you? In a world of increasing [...]

How start-ups can use social media to raise brand awareness

That social media can be utilised to heighten awareness of your brand, should by this stage come as no surprise. With around 28% of all online activity spread across various social media [...]

Why it is so important to help you build an engaged audience

Navigating through the ocean of information available on the web to find relevant content to share can be difficult, especially if you are a small business with limited time and money. For this [...]

3 Advantages of Utilising Celebrity Endorsements for Your Business

Connecting with someone that has a ‘celebrity status’ can have a number of advantages to any business, brand or product. Through the use of social media, it has never been easier for businesses [...]

How to build a relevant following on Twitter – the simple way

As a brand, business or regular Twitter user, you’ll be well aware of the power Twitter grants you in finding and engaging audiences. Its free, immediate, and has the potential to spread [...]

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