5 key points for start up companies when using social media

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When it comes to a startup company setting up social media accounts, they often do this under the guise of it being an incredibly quick way to build brand awareness and loyalty. Unfortunately, this is however, a large misconception that often surrounds start up companies and can result in unrealistic goals set for the new company to achieve, leading to people giving up. With so many companies now being social media savvy, there are likely to be hundreds maybe even thousands of companies doing the exact same thing you’re offering, so why should those companies current loyal customers suddenly change allegiances? You need to show why you are different, engage with your audience and keep them wanting more. Hang on in there. It will pay off.

Create a Buzz

Now here is a slightly more obvious suggestion of how to build a buzz around your social media page, offer out promotions. People love free stuff, no matter what it is, be it a stress-ball or a discounted drink; the general public laps that stuff up. Social media promotions draws in both new users and returning customers, and provides a new way of providing information on new deals, sales and deals on products that your company are now trying to advertise.

In addition to all of this, if you were to make these deals exclusively available through social media, this will see an increased buzz generate around the brand. In the modern age, almost everyone uses social media on one platform or another so the key is to give them a reason to invest in your company.

Going viral

Your great idea may go viral tomorrow, but don’t be upset if it takes time to pick up interest. Too many times people believe that at a click of their fingers an image or video will magically become ‘viral’. According to Slate.com: ‘with 66 percent of videos getting 50 or fewer views.’ With this statistic in mind the odds are perhaps not in your favour.

An important thing to remember is to not try too hard. One of the most certain ways to ensure that something not will not go viral is to try to have it go viral. On social media, like elsewhere, authenticity sells, planned stunts rarely do.

Focus on customer service

More and more companies have started to use social media to contact with their customer base for customer service queries. This helps create an increased amount of traffic going through the social media accounts and also makes it easier to communicate with your customers, so quite literally is a win-win scenario. Customers strive for easy access to companies, and companies look for ways to solve issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. Twitter in particular has become a popular medium for managing customer communications, with services and businesses alike regularly replying to customer queries and complaints.

Utilise the tools available to you

While there are hundreds of social media tools and a variety of social media platforms to choose from, not all of them are created equal. No one tool does everything you need, and not all platforms are right for every business.  The obvious big three are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If your startup has a presence on these three then what you post on these sites will do the talking for you.  Depending on your brand or product you can then consider http://cialispillssaleonline.com/ more visual platforms like Pinterest, Vine and Instagram. To ensure a loyal following you need to post engaging and relevant content regularly. Learning earlier that there’s no reason you need to be everywhere will help you to keep your social media strategy on track. In fact, you can’t be everywhere, so don’t try to be.

To conclude, in the modern age social media is growing rapidly with new formats popping up almost monthly, but with popularity trends forever changing and people constantly changing their favoured social media platforms, it is very important to choose carefully which ones you feature on. Remember although it is a great way to build brand loyalty, it can also destroy it immediately if it is not done well.

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