‘Micro-Moments’: What They Are and Why They Matter

Whether it’s to message to a friend, check the weather before leaving the house, scroll through Facebook on the bus to work, or upload a picture of that fantastic salad you made for lunch; we [...]

In case you missed them – The top 5 posts from last week

Just in case you were on holiday or simply very busy, we thought we would capture our top 5 posts from last week for you to read. The news was dominated by Google and their new holding company, [...]

The Basics of Social Media

Basics of Social Media It is all well and good us talking about Social Media, but how about we take a step back and go back to basics. For those less experienced with the ins and outs of each [...]

Setting up social media profiles

Getting this right is a big deal. There is so much to consider, including learning how a new platform works, how to optimise it and the sheer amount of time it takes. To help make this a little [...]

A very useful guide to social media image sizing

It seems that every social media account requires a different image sizes to the next. Understanding all of the requirements take an incredible amount of research and wasted time. The guide [...]