3 Quick Tips for Using Snapchat for Business

Much like other social media platforms, Snapchat is increasingly being used by businesses to increase brand awareness. This makes sense, as Snapchat now has more users than Twitter, Pinterest or [...]

Sir Richard Branson on social media

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Three Vital Tips to Boost Your Business Through Social Media

It has become abundantly clear that the social media bandwagon is not a temporary fad but a trend that is here to stay and one that businesses can certainly utilise to their advantage. For those [...]

Key Tips to Successful Social Media Management

Key Tips to Successful Social Media Management (Infographic) Once you have established how social media can benefit your company, you must then set out a plan to effectively manage your accounts. [...]

3 Reasons Why Any Company Should Be Using Social Media

The phrase ‘’social media’’ is mentioned frivolously when discussing marketing and online activity; sometimes without the proper knowledge of what it fully involves. Many companies, especially [...]

10 tips for small businesses just getting started

Whether you’re an early-stage startup or a small- to medium-sized business that’s new to the social media game, there’s one thing you should know: It’s okay to start small. There are a lot of [...]

6 tips on social media marketing for small businesses

More great tips from the team at Hootsuite Small businesses can get so much from social media, and we believe that it is a great way to develop engagement, generate leads, increase sales, improve [...]

5 key points for start up companies when using social media

Patience When it comes to a startup company setting up social media accounts, they often do this under the guise of it being an incredibly quick way to build brand awareness and loyalty. [...]