How to build a relevant following on Twitter – the simple way

As a brand, business or regular Twitter user, you’ll be well aware of the power Twitter grants you in finding and engaging audiences. Its free, immediate, and has the potential to spread [...]

The Basics of Social Media

Basics of Social Media It is all well and good us talking about Social Media, but how about we take a step back and go back to basics. For those less experienced with the ins and outs of each [...]

Setting up social media profiles

Getting this right is a big deal. There is so much to consider, including learning how a new platform works, how to optimise it and the sheer amount of time it takes. To help make this a little [...]

A very useful guide to social media image sizing

It seems that every social media account requires a different image sizes to the next. Understanding all of the requirements take an incredible amount of research and wasted time. The guide [...]

5 key points for start up companies when using social media

Patience When it comes to a startup company setting up social media accounts, they often do this under the guise of it being an incredibly quick way to build brand awareness and loyalty. [...]