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Colour Me Social

Engage your stakeholders. Grow your brand.
Share your purpose.

Content management, content amplification, storytelling, personal branding, community building.

Engaging your stakeholders matters.

Understanding the needs of and engaging with your stakeholders is a crucial part of your future business success.

The benefits of effective communication with your stakeholders are numerous and include improved brand growth, awareness, employee engagement, talent attraction, customer satisfaction, trust, financial performance, and innovation, to name just a few.

Don’t miss out. Your business is powered by much more than just potential clients on social media. There is so much more value you can add. Your social media and marketing communication needs to reflect that.

What we do.

We believe in the power of storytelling and the importance of humanising brands in a digital age.

Our mission is to help businesses and leaders share their purpose and values, communicate effectively with their stakeholders, and engage their audience with compelling content.

Content Management & Amplification

From content repurposing strategies on social media to email marketing. We make your content and brand messaging go further.


Storytelling is how we get your brand, and your leaders noticed, and we love telling your story to the people that matter. Your stakeholders. We will bring your story to life through inspiring and authentic content, driving engagement and brand awareness.

Personal Branding

Helping leaders and entrepreneurs develop a thoughtful, credible and human voice.

Community Building & Engagement

Grow your community. Grow your network. Build your brand. We build communities around you and your brand to foster loyalty, engagement, and long-term relationships.

"Companies with strong stakeholder engagement report a 50% higher customer loyalty rate"

We've been working with ambitious companies to turbo charge their engagment
since 2015.

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What our clients say...

We have been working with Colour Me Social for just over three years now, and they have been invaluable in setting up our social media platforms and have helped us to create a professional, content driven and up to date online presence, as well as producing high quality, extremely well written blog content for us. They are a fantastic team to work with, keen to understand our business, are happy to take on board feedback and produce great content which is always approached with enthusiasm and delivered on time. Miad Healthcare would definitely recommend Colour Me Social and they are a joy to work with.
Libby Ryan
Managing Director, Miad Healthcare
Partnering with Colour Me Social has played a big part in amplifying our content and communicating our brand message to a broader audience. They are very flexible and swift to implement anything we ask of them. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and flexible marketing partner.
Caroline Carr
Marketing Director, This Can Happen
Colour Me Social has partnered with us for several years and support our digital marketing strategies. They are a great partner to have on board as they are both pro-active and flexible. Really impressed.
Mike Finlay
Chief Executive, Risk Business
Colour Me Social has been a great partner for us at Talent Intuition. They manage our social voice and share the content we produce across multiple platforms. Since working with Michael, Pip and the team we have seen excellent growth in our following and importantly our engagement levels. They are a great extension to my team, very responsive and charge very reasonable retainer fees.
Alison Ettridge
CEO, Talent Intuition
Colour Me Social has worked with us for several years now and has helped us to manage and develop our social media presence, especially on Twitter and LinkedIn. They have significantly grown our audience reach and curate and share some very relevant and interesting content to keep our social channels vibrant and active. They are very responsive, and we enjoy a strong working relationship.
Kathy Koomson
Head of Brand and Marketing, Core Talent Recruitment
Colour Me Social have provided a professional level of service for us, and have helped us establish a robust Twitter and Linkedin social media presence to engage with wider audiences. Their knowledge of how the platforms work has enabled us to maximise our marketing opportunities.
Nigel Dias
Founder & Chair, The HR Analytics ThinkTank

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Frequently Asked Questions

Social media marketing uses social media platforms to connect and engage with your target customers on social media channels, for example, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Social media is widely used in digital marketing to help businesses raise brand awareness, increase web traffic, generate more leads, and improve customer engagement.

Social media is no longer a ‘nice to have’ for businesses it’s a ‘must have’. Using social media to market your business, product and services enables you to connect directly with your target audience, raise brand awareness, create conversations, drive website traffic and leads and grow your business.

Social media is a great way for small business to promote products/services, grow an audience, increase awareness and generate leads. Best of all, organic social media is free to use, and there aren’t many marketing channels that can say that! Paid targeted advertising really does put your brand in front of your audience in a way that most other ad channels can’t.

If you haven’t used paid advertising or remarketing before, it’s hard to know what will work and what won’t. A/B testing your paid campaigns with a small ad spend at first, before you create a full paid social media campaign, allows you to test different creatives, audience profiles, targeting and keywords so that you can analyse which channels, ad types and targeting is right for your business, products and services.

Posting content regularly from your personal profile, company page and into groups enables you to showcase and raise awareness of your business. Connecting with your target audience on LinkedIn allows you to increase the organic reach of the content you share and is a great way to open up conversations. Sharing updates, blogs, videos and white papers are a great way to create significant interest in you and your brand.

Firstly, stary by identifying exactly who your target audience is, what channels they will be most active on, what type of content will work for them and each channel and focus on those. Posting to a channel that isn’t relevant for your audience or content is a waste of your time and resource.

Next, make sure that for all your social channels, your BIOs are complete and consistent and that they clearly explain what you do and check that all your contact details are full. Having eye-catching header images, the right size logo and profile picture are really important here. 

Then, create a content calendar. Note key dates, awareness days, events that you might be attending and add-in content that will be of specific interest to your target audience, including sharing of 3rd party content. Investing in a scheduling tool that allows you to plan and schedule content in advance is a great way to save time.

Finally, take note of what’s working and what’s not and tailor your content plan to maximise the most engaging content for your audience.


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