10 tips for a small business just getting started

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Whether you’re an early-stage startup or a small business that’s new to the social media game, there’s one thing you should know. It’s okay to start small.

There are a lot of social networks out there, but you don’t have to be on all of them. In fact, it would be better if you were not. Unclear as to how Instagram would help your brand? Avoid it for now. Not ready to tackle Twitter just yet? Skip it. No time to blog? Don’t worry about it.

Social media is a time-consuming but important reality for any new venture. It will help increase your Google search rankings, give your brand a human voice, and allow your customers to start a conversation with ease. Now you just have to get started.

Where do I begin? Which networks should I be on? What do I share? How many times should I post? Is this worth my time?

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