Social media and lead generation in 2019 – how to get quality leads with minimum fuss

Generating more leads and better-quality leads are the top priority for businesses. More leads mean more sales. We are all familiar with landing pages and forms – however, this is not the best way to engage customers in 2019 anymore. They prefer something that is more engaging and personal, and businesses prefer high-quality leads over just quantity. Here are some tips on how to draw in your potential customers and help turn those leads into sales. What types of content work and how can you use social media ads to optimise impact?
Before you start thinking about the type of content that will generate leads for you, think about which social media platforms will serve you best. Who is your ideal customer? Are you more likely to find them browsing through their Instagram feed, or searching the latest industry trends on LinkedIn? Once you have identified where your money is best spent, you can consider the type of content you want to share to pull in customers.

Types of content that work for social media

Gated content is one way to ensure that your leads are high quality, this type is especially successful for B2B marketing. The important thing here is that the content you share must be ‘valuable’ to your customers. The only way for somebody to access your content is to fill in a form and give you their details. Only then can they access your latest white paper, webinar, case study or blog post.
Alternatively, you could create content that allows your potential customers to register their intent in other ways, for example by entering a contest. You draw them in by offering a prize that will only speak to people who are interested in your product.

This could be an extended trial period or an upgrade, or any other special deal for your product. It may even be a sample give-away or a sign-up for an event that you have planned. You can see that this will generate high-quality leads because customers are openly showing interest in your company’s product and are willing to give you their invaluable details.

Social media lead ads

Social media lead ads are another way to help you turn interest into leads. When you pay for adverts on social media, you are already paying to target specific audiences for your product. With lead ads, the focus is on making it easier to capture your potential customers’ data. The ad content could be a contest, as mentioned above or a newsletter subscription. Alternatively, you might create a quiz or a poll for your customers to engage with. In that case, the ‘pay-off’ for the customer would be access to their personalized results.

The advantage of lead ads is that the user will not be forwarded to a landing page with a form, but can stay on the same website (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) and the form is already pre-populated by the social media platform. This means that the user only has to agree to send the details through, and then they can carry on scrolling through their feed.

Geotargeted advertising

And finally, you should consider geo-targeted advertising to generate relevant leads for your business. Targeting potential leads based on their location allows you to focus more precisely on those leads that are most relevant to you. For B2B marketing you could, for example, ringfence those target users that are visiting a certain industry event, which results in focus on an audience that is more likely to be interested in your content and engage with it. And hey presto, you will generate high-quality leads.

As you can see, leads in 2019 still mainly consist of forms being filled in – however, the classic landing page form is slowly on the way out. People are still happy to fill in forms and give away their details, but as marketers, we have to find ways to make it ‘worth it’ and create minimal disruption to the customer experience on social media. The more engaging and interactive your content, the more quality leads you will snap up.

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