7 Tips on How You Can Get the Best from Facebook Without Having to Pay a Penny!

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We’ve all seen The Social Network and know Facebook’s origin story like the back of our hand. It started as a bare-bones social network aiming to connect college students. It has become the most widely-used social network to date. Facebook has shaped our online interactions beyond recognition and businesses are focused on converting these interactions into sales.

So, what are the best strategies for successfully making these sales? Read on, and we’ll tell you the best tactics to grab your customer’s attention, without spending a penny!

Create great content


Consider every piece of content you post as an opportunity for increased engagement, but don’t forget to have fun with it!

Images and GIFS are super effective. You are likely to get 39% more engagement using posts with photos as opposed to solely being text based.

We have some tips on our own blog to help ignite some great content ideas. Kissmetrics also have some great tips.

Post Timing


Now you have some excellent content, you have to work out when and how you post it. Make sure you are tracking what time of day your fans are most active and post during this window – lunch breaks and post-dinner hours are usually good times when users are active.

SocialTimes have a great infographic (above) and more information available here.



Brands have increasing levels of responsibility for user-generated content posted on their walls or in comments. You’ll want to proactively think through your stance on inappropriate content on your Facebook page, and your best practice would be to make this stance publicly available.  This lets your community know what you will and will not allow, lessens the chance of a surprise, and builds a sense of safety and sets expectations.

This article by the marketing people has more info.



Make sure you take full advantage by joining in with your customers conversations. If they want to interact with your brand, make sure you respond!

Social Media Examiner have some excellent tips and tricks to boost this relationship between business and customer.



Don’t just focus on your CTR and Conversion Rates. It’s important to concentrate on building an authentic community for you audience, focussing on creating a real connection with your fans.

Follow these steps by Rise to the Top and your audience will turn into a community that thrives, supports one another and most importantly – keeps on growing!

User Flow

While the page environment Facebook gives brands is mostly set, you want to make sure you’re directing your users where you want them to go. View your Facebook page as you would your landing page of your website, consider the goals and ensure users can access the information they need easily.

jetBlue are a really good example of a clear and obvious user flow. You can easily change the order of apps and optimise icons used to display those apps for visibility.



Your brand image is built on trust – ensure your profile reflects the credibility of your business. Grammar and spelling, fact checking sources, and ensuring you never share malicious sites are all integral to creating a credible brand image.

For an added extra, follow the tips on Inc. and get your Facebook profile verified on Facebook. This will make sure you don’t give your community a reason to believe you are anything other than what you are!

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