3 Reasons Why Any Company Should Be Using Social Media

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The phrase ‘’social media’’ is mentioned frivolously when discussing marketing and online activity. Sometimes without the proper knowledge of what it fully involves. Many companies, especially smaller ones, feel like the era of online marketing is either too complicated, too modern or not relevant for them. However, I disagree. Here are 3  ways you can benefit from using social media as a company – regardless of your size, age or focus.


As technology rapidly advances, it is vital for any business to keep up with the changes that occur. Social media is used constantly amongst all age ranges, meaning your target audience is right there at your fingertips. A website, although fundamental, is simply not going far enough if you want to secure a solid online presence. Regardless of whether your company deals with online platforms in anyway, the world of marketing and customer interaction is shifting online. You should shift with it.


By making full use of social media, you can begin to legitimise your company’s branding in a whole new dimension. Building your online accounts in a consistent manner can create a cohesive look for your company. Simply by choosing the same display pictures, colour themes and descriptions across all your online accounts, you can strengthen and retain your brand in a powerful way to new and existing customers. Social media not only advances your marketing in this way, but it can also open you up to other businesses like yours. Searching for other companies on social media websites can show you what competition is out there. It can also show how they are managing their projects, customers and marketing. Learning from market leaders enables you to learn and grow.


The final, and perhaps the most beneficial, reason is the connection you can have with both new and existing customers. Companies mainly use social media as a marketing tool due to the low cost and simplicity of it. Anyone can make an account on social media websites. This means you have an instant way of connecting to new customers without the cost of physical print and distribution. Posting and sharing on your accounts can reach beyond your current audience. In fact, you have the potential to connect around the world.

Having this far reach is invaluable and should be benefited from as much as possible. Simply by putting your name out there on various social accounts, your name will spread, the bigger your online presence, the more your name will appear in search engines. Linking your accounts to your website will not only show a personal side to your company but, in turn, increase traffic from those who find you through social websites.

The marketing strategies enabled by social media are a huge advantage. However, the way you connect with existing customers can be just as important. People always say that the key to success is knowing your audience. What better way than to have that personal interaction with them. You can talk directly to customers via social media, which creates an instant connection to show that you value them and their loyalty. The distribution of newsletters is a great way to outsource information to your customers. However, some information becomes outdated by the very next day. Therefore, sharing updates directly and quickly through social media shows your customers that you are keeping up with trends and are on top of your branding.

In turn, customers can keep you up to date with instant feedback, giving quicker validation to your company. Specifically, Facebook and Twitter have  tools which can analyse your audience interactions and needs. These reports will let you understand your audience better, creating more successful relationships. The reports also inform you on what will and won’t work in your marketing strategy.


It is clear now how social media, although a modern(ish) tool, can be relevant to all types of companies. The benefits and uses are fundamentally very simple – marketing and branding.

There are many options open to you from managing your own social media, utilising many of the great social media tools that are out there, or by getting a really good social media management company to do it for you.

Which ever way you choose, every company should do it.


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