5 Social Media Marketing mistakes you should avoid making

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Like anything in business, social media marketing is full of pitfalls that are too easy to make. The stakes are high because a wrong move can alienate loyal customers and clients. This doesn’t necessarily mean one high publicity faux pas like the Dove ad last year – people pick up on subtler things that can be a turn off to a brand. Let’s explore some of these…

Inconsistency in Timing

With almost anyone able to produce interesting and engaging content, brands have their work cut out to stand out. Consistency across two dimensions is key: the first being timing. A blog every now and again won’t have the same impact as something that happens at a set time every week – if your content is helpful, people rely on it (especially important in B2B).

Inconsistency in Message and Tone

If this changes too much, content will lose its impact, and the personality of the brand becomes diluted and confused, as do customers.


By having a consistent brand colour, recognition can be boosted by 80%. All the big firms do this, so it must do something worthwhile. There are some fascinating articles about what colours say about a brand, so choose wisely.

Ignoring negative feedback

It’s never a good feeling if your efforts fall flat, but it can be a valuable experience. If customers take the time to leave comments, then this is a valuable learning opportunity. Ask yourself, does this reaction fit with what we predicted? Is there a customer segment we’ve not yet identified that needs special consideration? And always reply – it shows you care.

Being too pushy

Keeping a low ratio of selling to other content types (like informative, entertaining etc.) is a good idea. For example, some brands create YouTube channels based on a topic and will only make a sales pitch very occasionally. This works because although it may not directly boost sales, it cements awareness of the brand in people’s minds, making it a more likely choice for them when they decide it’s time to buy something.

Failing to measure results

Without measurement, it’s impossible to be discerning in strategy development. Where do you allocate, budget and resource if you don’t know what works for your customer base? At the very least, having someone with a grasp of SEO and Google Analytics will ensure you get the maximum ROI.

These are some of the key mistakes we see from time to time when advising our clients. If any of these has jumped out at you as something you’d like to address, contact us at [email protected].

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