6 tips on social media marketing for small businesses

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Check out these great social media tips from the team at Hootsuite.

Small businesses can get so much from SM. It’s a great way to develop engagement, generate leads, increase sales, improve customer satisfaction and build two way relationships.

As a small business you have limited resources. So, it’s important to choose a marketing channel that offers the best results. Nowadays, more small businesses prefer social media marketing to other marketing channels. They use it to help increase their brand’s reach, increase sales, and expand their professional network.

In order to know how social media can help promote your business while saving you valuable time and resources, read the article below from Hootsuite which show six great tips on social media marketing for small businesses.

Here are 6 tips on social media marketing for small businesses

Tip #1: Use social media marketing to sell your products and services

Before major social media networks were part of e-commerce, the selling relationship for businesses looked like this: listen, help solve problems, and make the sale. With the rise of social selling, the opportunity to connect with potential customers during the research phase got much easier. Businesses can use social media monitoring and social media engagement tactics. These tactics changed the game for social media marketing for small business.

Tip #2: Large networks like Twitter can improve your customer relationships

With 72% of people more likely to make a future purchase from a small business after they interact with them on Twitter, there’s no reason for companies not to be on Twitter. The key to finding success on social media is to be on the social network your customers are on.

With over 200 million active users, there’s a high chance many of your customers are on Twitter. Twitter can help your business build relationships with customers, and connect you with the businesses and communities you are interested in. Using features like advanced Twitter search and Twitter lists, building and improving customer relationships online is manageable even with a small team.

Tip #3: Social media marketing can drastically increase your reach

Facebook and Twitter advertising have made it possible for companies to increase their reach through targeted ads and sponsored messaging. Social media marketing provides businesses with an opportunity to reach customers across the world. This is a huge change from traditional advertising medium like billboards. These are only visible to people on a particular route in a single city.

Tip #4: A LinkedIn business page can expand your professional network

One of the most important social networks, where all businesses should have a presence is LinkedIn. It allows businesses to provide credibility of their brand through a business page. The page houses information covering the bases of who, what, and where of your business.

It also allows small businesses to be in a space where professionals, potential investors, and customers are active. A LinkedIn company page is also a free marketing tool. If used correctly, it can be an highly effective one.

Tip #5: Facebook Page can improve your business’s customer support

Providing customer support can be expensive and time-consuming. But, with social media networks like Facebook, you are provided with an outlet to effectively solve customer problems. Customers can connect directly to companies if and when they have a problem or feedback. This is a great opportunity to connect with customers.

Tip #6: Use your social media presence to manage your brand’s online reputation

Finally, let’s talk reputation. Trust is an important element in obtaining customer loyalty. One of the best ways to gain this trust is giving people easy access to information about your company. Neglecting your social media presence is one way of losing the opportunity to gain new customers or nurture current relationships.

Gain the trust of your current and potential customers by creating a profile on social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This puts a voice (and a face) to your company, which will give people more incentive to trust your brand.

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