SMEs: the benefits of hiring a Social Media Management agency

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As the director of an SME, I think I have a pretty good insight into the challenges of effectively running social media for it. And I run a social media company! Even those of us that are in the industry don’t always get things right, or capitalise on opportunities as much as we could, or pay close enough attention to analytics – the list goes on! That’s why, for SMEs that take Social seriously, we think it’s really worthwhile investing in a service to take it off your hands and deliver solid ROI. Here’s why:

The benefits of hiring a social media management agency

Seeing the bigger picture: because a third party isn’t involved in the day-to-day, they have the capacity to take a step back and evaluate from an objective standpoint. Rather than just doing to the same thing and expecting different results, they can apply a critical mind to campaign strategy, produce fresh creative concepts and operationalise them. They also have a handle on what the rest of the market is doing, allowing you to stay on-curve with technological and practical advances.

Analytics: being able to track the success of different campaigns is obviously critical. Whilst many companies look at analytics they take them at face value, using little more sophistication than tracking impressions. An agency should have access to greater detail and granularity. Crucially, they can track sentiment around content – just because a message is making waves it doesn’t guarantee they’re the right ones – but this risk can be managed.

Content: we all know that inspiring, relevant and authentic content is the number one method to promote a brand. Within that, certain types of content, like video, are especially powerful. But how many SMEs have easy access to filmmakers, or the skills to produce top content on the fly? Some, but not many. A good agency should be able to produce beautiful videos and engaging design that resonates with your audiences.

Time: all this stuff is time-consuming, as I’m sure anyone that’s tried it knows! With 7.6 social accounts per adult, getting an agency in to prioritise and do the dirty work might be the only way for some SMEs with broad audiences to stay on top of things!

Expertise: this is all essentially a question of resource vs expertise. True, you could hire an intern to do it for you, and sure they’d do an OK job, but chances are it won’t have the impact you need to compete. Paying a little for a (good) agency can provide a real boost, especially if you’ve not had a professional hand before. Like training for a marathon, the first gains come quickly so it’s possible to achieve a lot with relatively little investment or long-term commitment.

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