According to a recent report by Forbes, 60% of small business owners have reported that they have not seen any return on investment from their input into social media marketing. Even though social media platforms are obviously successful and an absolute must, small businesses still tend to struggle to manage
The phrase ‘’social media’’ is mentioned frivolously when discussing marketing and online activity. Sometimes without the proper knowledge of what it fully involves. Many companies, especially smaller ones, feel like the era of online marketing is either too complicated, too modern or not relevant for them. However, I disagree. Here
What a surprise, we’re talking about social media again! At Colour Me Social, we’re mad for everything digital marketing related. We believe in the simple equation top good quality content + good social media management = excellent branding. Of course, there are tactics you need to employ to ensure the
Photo Credit Great article we found by the team at News Cred. – it’s all about content and social media. We really love what they do, and their site is a great read. “Content is King, Social Media is Queen and together they rule the online and customer world” Here are your options as
When, how and where to promote your content on social media is an interesting question. As an entrepreneur, your head is no doubt swimming with social media related questions. How often is too often? What are the rules? When should should I post? Where is the best place for me
We loved this article from and we think you will too! Whether you’re an early-stage startup or a small business that’s new to the social media game, there’s one thing you should know. It’s okay to start small. There are a lot of social networks out there, but you