Case Study:
Colour Me Social


Headline results

Paid promotion

We used Facebook’s predefined lead generation form to generate targeted leads. With constant split testing, we discovered the best performing combination for our target audience. 

Organic share

We capitalised on our social media presence by promoting our lead magnet with organic share. We shared the landing page frequently across all of our social media channels and gained a  significant number of qualified leads. The organic share strategy involved the innovative use of hashtags, engaging visual images and increased reach through the utilisation of LinkedIn Groups.


Leads captured. 

Cost per lead = £ 3.50

Company profile

Location:  London, England

Product/Service: Social media management company

Company brief

Social media experts, supporting the UK based start-up and SME market with lead generative social media management – as a service


  • Brand awareness among the business community in the UK
  • Lead generation