How to increase engagement with organic share: Facebook and Instagram sharing tricks.

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Never underestimate organic share and reach

Ever since Facebook introduced the improved ads manager and business power editor, marketers are going crazy over paid ads.  The tools made small business owners think that they could achieve anything they imagined by paying few extra pounds monthly. It is true that paid Facebook ads are effective. But what if there is a way you can achieve similar results with organic reach?

According to Social Sprout, more than 60 million businesses have a Facebook page. 39% of the users like or follow a Facebook page to receive a special offer. Organic share and reach have huge potential, you just have to know the right tips and tricks to get the maximum out of your content.

If used the right way, Instagram and Facebook can be a valuable tool where you can get good engagement without spending a pound.

Use Facebook Audience Optimization for better exposure

With the audience optimisation tool, you can target posts to a specific set of audiences. This can be based on factors such as their preferences and interests.  You can use this feature to personalise your Facebook sharing activity in terms of subject choice and style of writing so you can directly affect the levels of your engagement.

(click on the audience optimisation tool)

The audience optimisation option appears under the posting box when you want to create a new post. However, sometimes you need to activate the audience optimisation button from the settings tab in order to appear under the posting box.

When you click on the audience optimisation button a tab will appear with two options: preferred audience and audience restrictions.  This tab will allow you to define your target by interest, age, gender and other valuable features.

The preferences you choose depend on the demographics of your target audience. Before you start using audience optimisation do some research about the characteristics of your target audience.

After you set the preferences of the target audience, click save and compose your post. In the insights tab on your company page, you can analyse the performance of each piece of content you push to make more informed decisions in the future.

 Repurpose your blogs into multiple Instagram posts

Instagram can be tough for promoting your content, especially if you are selling a service and you have multiple blog posts you want to promote. Instagram stories are a great way to raise awareness and engage your followers but you can achieve the same amount of engagement with a standard post as well. If you want to promote your blog on Instagram and increase the level of the traffic you need to create catchy visuals. Find an excerpt of your text that is easy to find visuals for. Create your post with the excerpt and hashtags and share it on Instagram. Create multiple posts with visuals for one blog and share them frequently on your best performing days. You will have a strong looking profile and increased engagement just by organically sharing.

Don’t forget to update the Instagram bio with a link from your blog.

Quality content and organic share can boost your performance

We’ve discussed LinkedIn’s potential in the previous blog and showed you some tricks you can use to boost the performance of your organic share, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot use other platforms as well. For instance, with the hashtag philosophy behind Twitter and Instagram, you can achieve better results and have better long-term performance than any other social media out there. Though you might not have the luxury to choose your social media presence and channel simply because of your target audience’s preferences if you do, then choose Twitter. If your target audience is on Facebook then the tips and tricks we’ve mentioned above can definitely help.

Organic share can do wonders for your business if you know the right tricks. Our experience has taught us that we can achieve great results with quality content and organic share.

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