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Leader Brand and LinkedIn Network Growth

Grow your network. Build your brand.
Generate conversations.

Build your leadership brand and develop your own voice through outstanding content

The personal brand of business leaders matters. Forces shaping the world of work from the pandemic to climate change and diversity and inclusion offer leaders the opportunity to consciously shape the nature of their role in a meaningful and purposeful way. By creating content that openly tackles the big issues that matter to your stakeholders, you will be more impactful as a leader and therefore more readily able to bring about positive change.

We will help you develop a thoughtful, credible and empathetic voice for corporate leaders. Having identified the issues about which you are passionate, we will work with you to convey your point of view with an authentic voice that resonates with your internal and external audiences.

82% of employees will research a CEO’s online presence when considering joining a company.

B2B Marketing – LinkedIn


Are you maximising your presence on LinkedIn? Our favourite B2B platform has now got more than 630 million members – that’s 21% of the entire global workforce – yet, many businesses are still not using the platform to its full potential.

Research shows that nearly 60 percent of people now consult social media before making their buying decisions. 70% of them use LinkedIn, so it really is more important than ever to ensure you have a strong, thriving network.


And at Colour Me Social, we can help you thrive.

LinkedIn Network Growth

Growth and Nurture

Connection growth 

We will grow your connections with relevant people on LinkedIn, targeted profiles, and send them a personalised invitation to connect message.


LinkedIn Engager

Influencer engagement 

We will interact and engage with content from target companies and target influencers to boost your LinkedIn presence.


Profile Management

Company and personal profile optimisation

Make your company and personal profiles stand out from the crowd. Our team will make sure that your profiles are perfectly optimised to tell your story and maximise your profile views.

“Companies with a complete, active LinkedIn Page see 5x more page views. They also get 7x more impressions per follower and 11x more clicks per follower.”


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