What is the philosophy behind Facebook dark posts?

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Facebook is one of the greatest paid online advertising platforms in the new digital marketing world. Facebook gave the marketers a whole new set of tools and insights and a place where they can achieve great results. Even though the newly updated ad platform is great, there are a lot of things that look complex and hard to use at first sight.

As a small business or entrepreneur getting to know the platform can be time-consuming. But if you separate the new things into small chunks of information then you will learn the new functionalities faster. We will help you with understanding the Facebook ad platform better. In our series of articles, we will explain everything in detail so you can easily navigate and get the maximum out of the platform. Stay tuned!

Today, we look at one of the platform’s most useful offerings: Facebook dark posts (unpublished posts). The things you can do with dark posts can really improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaign and your results at the end of the day.

What’s the philosophy behind the dark posts?

The philosophy behind it is to create several posts with different styles and wording which you can use to for tests in your paid campaigns.

Why are they called dark posts?

Because they don’t get published on your Facebook Fan page unless you choose to do so.

Why use Facebook dark posts?

There are several reasons why you should use dark posts, however, the most important one is that you can run tests and see what set of wording and imagery works best for your target audience.

More specifically, you should use dark posts for the following reasons:

  1. You can do paid tests for multiple ad variations

You can create as many variations as you like. Applying different images, headlines, call to action buttons will help in determining the effectiveness of your paid campaigns. Use your imagination and find out what best works for your business.

  1. You can improve your organic traffic

You can improve your organic traffic by sharing the variation that has the best results on your news feed. Once you’ve determined which combinations perform the best, apply them to your organic posts for better reach and engagement.

  1. You will avoid ad only streams

If you want to avoid ad only streams then the dark posts are the right way to do it. Facebook dark posts are niche and hyper sensitive so you will avoid the risk of boring and pushing away your audience with the same Call to Action button and unnecessary ads.

How to create dark posts?

In order to create the dark post, you must enter the page posts in the create and manage section. There you can create limitless posts and decide whether you would like to keep them as dark posts or publish them on your timeline.

One thing to remember is that you cannot edit the posts once you have created them. Nothing on the created dark post is editable once you have saved it. So be careful otherwise you will have to start all over again and create a new post from the start.

pic to use 1

How to create advert from your dark posts?

After you have created the dark post, you have to select it and choose to create advert from the actions drop down menu.

pic to use 2

When you click on the create advert you will get a pop-up on which you have to define your campaign and ad set. The pop-up is only for the defining the name and the objective, later you will dig in deeper in defining other specifics about your target audience and budget.

How to activate your advert?

The next step is to define the target audience, budget and the objectives of the campaign. Your campaign will still be the draft until you click on the review changes button at the top right corner. Do not forget! After you set everything up you need to click on the green button in the top right corner in order to activate your campaign.

And that’s it! You are all set. It is a process and you will get better in time but if you need help with anything we are here for you. We have the right expertise and ideas on how to improve your performance.

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