How and why to systemise your social media marketing approach?

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In one of our previous blogs, we looked at some of the trends that’ll stand out in social media marketing in 2018. Amongst these were the futuristic – VR and augmented reality – but also the more everyday and mundane. (We got  excited dreaming up our potential approaches to creating bespoke live streaming experiences!). But the fact is that the majority of work in 2018 should go into the basics. We’re talking streamlining, measuring and systematizing output across platforms and audiences.

Why? Let’s frame the issue in some numbers and context. Social media continued to grow in 2017 in terms of users, no surprises there. Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest were particular winners. Spending on social media marketing grew too – by over 60% in 2017. What didn’t grow is the number of impressions made by social media. Like training for a marathon, investment at the start of the process sees significant gains. But after some time performance plateaus as the runner approaches their peak condition. The more money people pump into social media marketing; the less proportionate ROI is achievable because of the inevitable progress towards saturation point.

Why should you go back to basics with your social media marketing?

To tackle this brands will need to go back to basics. This is because the basics are much more complex than they were before! The average social media user has 7 platforms, so for those brands that want to engage across all of them, this requires a whole lot of management. Even for those that aren’t that ambitious (or determined to permeate every moment of our online lives) and operate across fewer platforms, they should still think about each platform differently, reaching out to a different audience in a different way on each. Your Instagram followers are likely a different demographic to your LinkedIn ones, with different values, motivations and spending intentions – your content, campaign and measurement tactics should reflect this.

Multiplied, this results in hours and hours of content creation, monitoring, and analytics – but this is essential for optimal performance and all important ROI. It’s a lot to get a handle on, and like many things in business, left unattended it can become a complex mess of different systems pulling in different directions. That’s why one of 2018’s key buzzwords (and markers of success) will be systemization. Once a system is applied, you’ll know:

  • How and when to update different social networks
  • How to choose which social networks to update, and with what content
  • What to blog about, and how often to update your blog
  • How to get feedback on the effectiveness of your marketing across networks

Final Thoughts

There are a number of ways to achieve this. There are techy platforms that provide a joined-up cloud for those that want to manage their campaign by themselves but streamline the process. Really useful for huge, resource and time rich global brands with presence across multiple markets, tackling huge amounts product lines and customer engagements. And then there are more bespoke services like Colour Me Social. We allow for hands-free social media management, for those that value an expert hand overseeing a crucial but time-sucking part of modern business. That’s why we’re excited about 2018, and the opportunities it’ll bring for us to work with more partners to really get the most from their social media marketing efforts.

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