How Content Helps You Build an Engaged Audience

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Navigating the web to find relevant content to share is hard, especially if you are a small business with limited time and money. For this reason, many small businesses neglect this fundamental aspect of social media for 3 reasons. 1 – it’s simply too time consuming. 2 – they don’t know where to look. 3 – they don’t see the value of content curation.

If your social media strategy doesn’t include content curation, you might want to rethink. Just to clarify, content curation is when you find 3rd party content online that is relevant to your business. You add a personal touch or original comment…then share it to your audience.

So what’s all the rage behind curating 3rd party content?

Content curation helps you build an audience

Many people make the mistake of just talking about their business on their social media streams. In order to grow your audience it’s necessary to pull and share relevant 3rd party content. Doing so will help you build trust among your audience and enhance your value as a reputable business.

Jeff Bullas, author of Blogging the Smart Way commented in this interview that, “Consistent content creation and optimising can lead to an explosion in brand awareness. The holy grail of content marketing.”

Jessica Davis from Search Engine People says here that consistently posting on your social media accounts keeps you in your audience’s feeds and consequently, in their minds.

Get Crate goes on to argue that consistency builds familiarity…and familiarity builds a relationship. So don’t miss the opportunity to curate content because you don’t have the time, that’s what we are here for!

Content curation helps you stay on top of the latest news and popular internet trends

By curating content consistently (woo now that’s a tongue twister), you jump one step ahead of your competitors because you are posting fresh content as soon as it emerges. This means that the content you post is up to date and relevant (and not two weeks old or a few months old).

Robin Burton from SEO Site Check Up comments here that fresh content = frequent indexing which leads to better rankings, a lower bounce rate and a higher search traffic than stale content. He goes on to list numerous other benefits from posting fresh content. Check our blog post on how to use social media to improve your SEO for more tips.

Content curation helps you stand out and differentiate yourself

If you’ve simply been sharing other people’s content without making a comment of your own, (Ross Hudgens from the Content Marketing Institute puts forward the case here) that isn’t going to help you build an established brand in your space. He suggests that you “rewrite any default text provided by the share buttons to share in your own brand voice.”

In a sea of generic information, make your content stand out- even if it is from a 3rd party! Instead of blindly curating the headline content of the day, take this opportunity to create a posting unique to your business. Tailored content is more likely to grow your audience than content that is generic and recycled. Why? Because people are more likely to remember a post when it is paired with your unique voice rather than simply a shared post with no comment.

Heidi Cohen shows here how branding should be an integral part of your content curation to ensure that you broaden your reach.

To sum up, content curation is the art of repurposing content to find the right ingredients for a perfect content marketing mix. It is another very useful tool in your social media toolbox and when done right, it can add tremendous value to your business.

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