3 Quick Tips for Using Snapchat for Business

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Snapchat is increasingly being used by businesses to increase brand awareness. This makes sense, as Snapchat now has more users than Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn. It’s a powerful way to reach more people. However, as a tool, it is very different to Facebook and Instagram and using it is an art of its own. In this post, you’ll read about some key methods of maximising your Snapchat game.

Know the audience

Snapchat has a relatively young user base – 60% of its users are between 13 and 24 years old (learn more). It’s important to tailor your content so that it’s amusing for this age group. A great example of this comes from the Los Angeles Country Museum of Art (LAMCA) who have a Snapchat account anyone can add. They send out “snaps” of their pieces with humorous captions written in a colloquial style, usually containing pop-culture references.

If you don’t feel equipped to create such content, consider handing the account over to an employee of the right age group.

Similarly, Snapchat is a very casual social media channel. People use it for fun, cheerful content, rather than serious messages. So if you want to get followers, make sure your content matches this.

Take people “backstage”.

Snapchat is a great way to deliver exclusive content to your customers. Use it as a way to showcase your company culture, whilst inviting viewers to feel they are a part of it.


(image: BuzzFeed)

The “story” feature is where a series of snaps (both images and videos) are stitched together in chronological order over the course of the day. Users can view your story for 24 hours. It’s ideal to broadcast fun company events, such as work Christmas parties.

You could also use Snapchat to give your viewers a sneak peak of your company’s outputs before anyone else sees. All this will create a strong positive relationship with your audience.

Buy advertising

If you don’t have the time or resources to manage your own Snapchat account, there are other ways to reap its benefits.


Snapchat offers some innovative and exciting ways to increase your brand’s popularity. For each snap taken, the app offers a variety of filters, which come in two categories. Lenses distort people’s selfies, while filters are simply superimposed over the image. For both of these, you can pay to feature a sponsored version, designed to excite people about your brand. See, for example, Taco Bell’s sponsored lens. According to Snapchat, its users play with each sponsored lens for 20 seconds on average. Filters can also be sponsored, specifically geo filters – filters which are available only in a specific location.

Snapchat now also plays video adverts between “stories” as they are being viewed by the user. Given Snapchats huge user base, this can be a powerful way to reach a large number of people, especially the younger demographic.

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